Maternity, Newborn & Fresh 72

Maternity, Newborn & Fresh 72


It is such a special time in your life just before your little one(s) arrive, whether it is your first pregnancy or not, every time is unique and precious. We can capture your beautiful bump in a solo shoot or with your partner and/or family (fur babies are welcome too!).

Maternity sessions can be held in the comfort of your own home, or at sunset in the great outdoors. As I only work with natural light I have a few stunning tried and tests locations we can use including the beach, hills or parks all within 2 hours travel from Melbourne. Alternatively, if you have a location in mind please let me know and we can discuss options.

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Maternity photographs are best taken between 32-36 weeks of your pregnancy and so are best to be booked in advance, so you don’t miss out. Sessions last for 2 hours.

I also offer package options for maternity and newborn / fresh 72 shoot.

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The Demicoli family--13

Siblings or fur babies are more than welcome

Its all about connection

beautiful family

love and stunning locations

“We are so thankfull to simone for capturing unforgettable moments of our little princess! Simone had all the time in the world and ensured we were thoroughly satisfied. It was a fun, intimate, filled with love at home experience. And the results are there to prove it!!! Cant wait for another photo shoot in near futher!"
- Maria


In Home

Those first moments with your brand-new baby are so special! I will capture those little details you don’t want to forget such as the cute facial expressions, tiny yawns, curled up sleeps and tiny hands and feet. These moments are so precious, and I love to capture your moments of pure love.

In home shoots

Newborn sessions generally take place in the comfort of your own home as it is the perfect setting to showcase your personal style with all your favourite items around you. The home sessions have a lifestyle approach, which provides a homely feel, incorporating as many details of your life and your newborn story.

If you are after a natural style newborn photos with some natural looking wrapping as well as family photos this might be the session for you. Parents, siblings, & grandparents are all welcome. The best time to capture those unique newborn moments are within the first 6 weeks of the new arrival.

If you would rather move outdoors to one of my locations, please let me know and we can discuss options.

What to expect:

  • I will come to your home!!! (within 2 hours drive)
  • Prior to the shoot we will discuss the set up you have at home
  • The rooms we will shoot in (living, parents’ bedroom, nursery)
  • The lighting situation and based on that we plan the best time
  • Upon arrival I will have a walk through and may make suggestions on moving a few things around
  • The session times last 2-4 hours. Please ensure everyone is ready to start the shoot at the agreed time, any delays will eat into shooting time

I offer package options for maternity and newborn / fresh 72 shoots.

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You stay right where you are and I come to you!

maternity photography

All in the comfort of your own home. Inside and out if wanted.

The whole family included Mum, dad, siblings and fur babies.


In Studio

I offer the option to capture those newborn moments within my home studio and – lifestyle space in St Kilda. The studio sessions are perfect for those who prefer not to be photographed in their home. This session has a more ‘posed’ newborn style to it. My style is natural, but we will use some simple props, wraps, blankets and textures and we take the time and care to transition the baby into different curled up womb like poses with a setting of different colours.

The best time to capture those unique newborn moments are within the first 2 weeks of the new arrival. Parents, siblings, & grandparents are welcome just let me know in advance.

What to expect:

  • Studio is located in two rooms at my home in St Kilda East – address details will be provided once booking is made
  • There will be a minimum of 2 setups using natural looking wrapping techniques
  • The session times last 2-3 hours. Please ensure everyone is ready to start the shoot at the agreed time, any delays will eat into shooting time

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Textures and layers, I have a few stunning basic settings.

As natural as possible. I like to keep it simple but pretty.

Capture all the details.

"Some of the best poses of our newborn are wonderfully captured by Simone. We loved her home little studio. There was tea, water and lots of yummy snacks and a comfy sofa to relax on while she worked with out little man. I love Simone’s style of working its so homely and warm. and the photos are stunning!!!"
- Tanvi

Fresh 72

A fresh 72 shoot captures your newborn within the first 72 hours of its life. Following a booking just text me as soon as your little one is on its way or just arrived and I will get to the hospital to capture those precious raw, early moments.

What to expect

The focus is on the newborn, parents can be in the photos if they are happy to be or we can just focus on the little one. I can be there for the first meetings with grandparents, siblings etc.
The session times last 1-2 hours dependant on how everyone is feeling.

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new born photography

I will come to the hospital You just relax

First Meetings so special.


Every session is tailor-made to suit your ideas.

I specialise in on-location Maternal, newborn, fresh 48 and family photography. I love taking photos of your family, newborns, babies and children. I work with a relaxed approach and all natural light, so not too much posing.