We have three general options for the location of your shoot:

When selecting your location all these options are beautiful, choose based on what you’re hoping to get out of your images. Are you looking for a more hanging out at home with your family feel? Or perhaps a more carefree, great background and adventures day at the beach or out on a farm what is your family’s favourite past time? See below for more insight into indoor and outdoor locations.

Outdoor Location

Your home

My Studio

Outdoor sessions

I love outdoor sessions purely for the opportunity to take advantage of the most beautiful lighting and stunning surroundings. I understand that having your children up early for sunrise or having them stay up late for sunset may affect their mood and sleep schedule slightly, but it has always been worth it.

Prior to the session we can discuss a variety of options that match you and your family’s personality best. What is your vision and what area really captures your family best? Think about the fun things you do as a family currently such as:

  • Do you like going for walks in the woods?
  • Enjoying picnics in a park?
  • Does your family love the water?
  • Do you all enjoy jumping in the water or would you prefer a stunning beach session with rocks and cliffs?

What scenery are you looking for?

Parklands, a field of tall wheat grass, a farm, a beach or stream, an apple orchard or a field of flowers?

Let’s discuss your ideas!

On the day we will go for a walk, explore the location of choice. Our session will last 2-4 hours, depending on the children and the weather. All that’s left to do is play, cuddle and make stunning memories!

Outdoor Preparation

Clothes – please bring with you a change of clothes so we have some variety to work with. If your session will be at the beach, bring along a swimsuit and a change of clothes in case we decide to have some fun in the water

Other items – blanket to sit on, a guitar if someone in your family plays, or a favourite picnic snack, have these items all prepared and ready to go before we head out!

Other ideas to consider – dummies, nappies, insect repellent and sunscreen, just in case!

In Home Sessions

There can be nothing comfier and more carefree than shooting a family in their own home. Just imagine your kids jumping with glee on your bed while you come in with your partner to all collapse in the blankets and pillows in a heap of laugher, cuddles and tickles! An in-home session often allows children to relax more and gives space for the family pet to photobomb as much as possible! I can capture you reading stories, making pancakes, having a kitchen dance party or just hanging out together. The options are endless.

What to expect:

  • The best time of day for an indoor shoot is morning to midday due to lighting
  • When I first get to your home, I will walk around your home to get our plan for the day. If there are little ones, I ask them to show me around so we can build some trust.
  • Sessions are approximately 2-4 hours

*Please note I only do newborn posed at my little home studio due to space.

In Home Preparation

Whites and neutral earthy colours will allow more light to reflect up onto your faces, will brighten all your images, and create a timeless feel. If you don’t have something white or neutral, be sure to keep it as classic as possible. Remember that colours and patterns will eventually be dated, which makes neutrals our best option for images you’ll love sharing for years to come.

Master bedroom – white or neutral duvet cover would you like a pop of colour? Go for warm autumn colours..

Lighting – I only work with natural lighting so we will need windows to give us as much light as possible.

Clutter/items you don’t want in the pictures – I will often shoot toward the bed so if you have items on your bedside tables that you don’t want seen in the final images, please move them out of the bedroom or tuck them into some drawers out of view. It should still look like your home and I love lived-in homes and want to tell your story authentically.


Every session is tailor-made to suit your ideas.

I specialise in on-location Maternal, newborn, fresh 48 and family photography. I love taking photos of your family, newborns, babies and children. I work with a relaxed approach and all natural light, so not too much posing.