Simone Toorenburg Photography

Let's book your session?

I am truly "So exited"

Just to make sure we're the perfect fit

Here's a couple things that I will and won't do


….promise you’ll relax within the first 5-10 minutes. We will have a LOT of fun!
…. most likely be hands on and help your hair getting out of your face
….tell you to cuddle like crazy and hands on each other at all times.
…guide you from time to time during your session, but only when needed.
…get up nice and close.
…intentionally miss focus and sometimes use a slow shutter, giving you some soft, blurry goodness.
… understand how hard it is and how award it can feel but I promise it’s so worth it!


…..pose you or bub in unnatural ways.
…get you to all smile at the camera all the time, I love the moments in between and the interaction between you as a family.
…give you ‘perfect’ photos, photos that are clean and spotless and all hairs are straight.
…do head swaps. Or any other crazy photoshopping.
…make sure your hair looks perfect. I’m more than likely going to mess it up a bit!

Ready? Let's do this!

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