Simone Toorenburg Photography

Hi I am Simone, I'm a mother, a dreamer and a capturer of pure love.

As a mother, I see pure love and connection in the smallest of moments. From there little smiles, little arms around our neck, giggles, cuddles new little fingers, new little toes. It all goes so fast and slow at the same time; I would love to help you remember those blurry days/weeks/months and years to come. ” And capturing just that is what I adore doing!! ” yes it makes me teary quite often”

And it allows you to look back at this precious time in your life and just smile with gratitude.

I love the moments in between the moments!!!

I started my photography journey after my own inspirational experience with the birth of my son, Finn.

This moment was captured so amazing and is showing the pure love. I wanted to offer the same experience to other families. I would love to get to know you and your stunning family to help you share this same inspiring experience. My two kids grow like crazy, so believe me when I say that I understand life can get super busy. Which is why taking the time to capture all those memories is so important!

My nationality is
Dutch but I have been in Australia for over ten years!
My favourite moments
Are when you love the heck out of each other and don’t look at me.
I'm still together with
My high school lover Luuk and 2 beautiful children, Finn and Reff
Did you know
I've been a teacher for over 20 years!
I always look for in a photo
Texture and movement
I live in
Melbourne, Australia
My goal is to
To capture the beautiful mess that makes up your family with pure love moments.
I started my business
4 years ago
That's enough about me, Tell me more about you!